Another member of FC Academy Pandev interesting for FC Inter


Manevski Michil is the new interest of Italian giants FC Inter  in Milan. After Jani Atanasov who already has a prior arrangement with the same club, the leaders of the youth teams of FC Inter  submitted a formal invitation for Mihail Manevski. Excellent presentation of Manevski in FC Empoli  didn”t remain unnoticed by the scouts of  giant in Milan.

Jani Atanasov and Michail Manevski tomorrow 03.01.2016 are traveling to Milan. They will stay together until March 12 where they will start traing with their peers in Milan. On March 12, the Manevski will go to Viareggio where he will join the team of FC Academy Pandev, who will play in the first round of the Viareggio Cup 03/14/2016 right against FC Inter fromMilan.

Jani Atanasov still remains longer in Italy, he and his peers from FC Inter Milan, Generation 1999 will participate in the tournament cup Di Arco Cup 2016 which begins on March 15.

Is FC Academy Pandev becomes youth soccer base for FC Inter Milan will see in the coming days? ! ?

pokana Jani i Mihail